Post date : 2021-09-28

Juche110(2021) / 9 / 28 /


Fishery Stations in East Coast of DPRK Engage in Reinforcing Coastal Structures


Fishery stations in the east coast of the DPRK step up the construction and reinforcement of sea dikes and other protective facilities.

The Ministry of Fisheries has taken timely measures to provide cement needed for the coastal project.

Kimchaek Fishery Station, which developed a new-type formwork for making prefabricated concrete parts in a short span of time, pushes ahead with manufacturing and installing concrete parts in a three-dimensional way by properly allocating manpower.

Tupho Fishery Station for Dolphin Feed finished an embankment project by prioritizing the production of box-shape prefab parts and increasing the operational rate of vehicles.

Other fishery stations also carry out their daily reinforcement plans without fail by introducing effective building methods.


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