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Turtle Ship, World's First Iron-clad Warship​    


Among the cultural heritage of the Korean nation is turtle ship, the world's first iron-clad warship.

The first of its kind was made in 1413 on the basis of warship building technology of the preceding period and experiences gained in naval battles. It was completed in 1592 through several times of remaking.

Its prow was shaped like a head of dragon and its hull and poop were covered with testudinate iron-clad, which resembled a turtle in shape. At that time, the ship was able to withstand any gunfire.

As its iron-clad was stuck with awls all over, it was impossible for the enemies to climb on it.

The turtle ship was armed with 70-odd cannons and could fire in every direction through loopholes. And it was propelled by 10 oars on each side and could also take out a sail, which together with longish elliptical hull and relatively low height ensured high speed.

The creation, associated with the wisdom and talent of the Korean nation, contributed to the victory of naval battles in the period of the Imjin Patriotic War (1592-1598) against the Japanese aggression army.



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