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National Theatrical Troupe of DPRK​


The National Theatrical Troupe, winner of Order of Kim Il Sung, has covered a proud decades-long course of development since a new era of Juche-based revolutionary drama was opened up in the DPRK.

In his historic work published on June 14, Juche 67 (1978), Chairman Kim Jong Il projected the creative staff of the National Theatrical Troupe, which produced the immortal masterpiece, "The Mountain Shrine", as the honorable pioneer of the theoretical revolution, and gave instructions on bringing about a revolutionary turn in dramatic art by producing revolutionary dramas.

Writers and artistes of the National Theatrical Troupe have contributed to developing the Juche-based literature and art by brilliantly creating and performing many "The Mountain Shrine"-style dramas representing the times, including the five typical revolutionary dramas, for the past four decades.

Based on their successful production of the revolutionary drama "The Mountain Shrine", they created many great works reflecting the era such as the masterpieces "Blood at an International Conference", "A Letter from a Daughter", "Three Pretenders" and "Celebrations".

The theatrical troupe has demonstrated the validity and vitality of the Party's policy for bringing about a radical turn in theatrical revolution policy by staging more than 3 470 performances of the five revolutionary dramas since their production.

In the new century of Juche, it has created the dramas "Blood Vessel", "The Red Snow Is Falling" and "Devoted Service" to strikingly display the true picture of the developing Juche-oriented theoretical art.

During those days, the theatrical troupe has produced many recipients of Order of Kim Il Sung, labor heroes, winners of Kim Il Sung Prize and Kim Jong Il Prize, People's Artists and People's Artistes.


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