Post date : 2020-05-12

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Construction of Hydraulic Power Stations Brisk in DPRK


The construction of minor hydraulic power stations is progressing apace in the DPRK.

Each province, city and county set it as a goal to produce by their own efforts the electricity needed for developing the local economy. On the basis of correct survey of hydraulic resources in their areas and scientific calculation of electricity output, they have hastened the construction of power stations in a profitable way.

Kangwon Province has sped up the construction of six hydraulic power stations simultaneously. This year, the province concluded the construction of Ichon Army-People Power Station and opened a prospect to complete the construction of Munchon Army-People Power Station in the near future by driving through thousands of meters of waterway tunnel. It is also stepping up the construction of Phyonggang, Kosong, Hoeyang and Sepho army-people power stations by introducing advanced building methods.

Jagang Province has pushed ahead with the construction of Hungju youth power stations Nos. 4 and 5 by applying a rational building method that makes it possible to save much materials, fund and labor.

North Phyongan Province, too, is building minor hydraulic power stations like Kujang Youth Power Station No. 2 and Phihyon Power Station No. 2.


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