Post date : 2020-05-17

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Fifty-four Kinds of Trees to Be Planted This Year


Citizens of the DPRK have turned out in the second-stage forest restoration campaign under the slogan "Let's turn all the mountains into golden mountains!"

In this regard, Kim Myong Chol, general bureau director of the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, told KCNA:

24 kinds of fruit trees, 19 kinds of wood plants and 11 kinds of ornamental trees, high in economic value and favorable for ecological environment, are to be planted throughout the country to suit the geographical and biological characters.

Mixed forests will be created with those kinds of trees amounting to 90 percent of the forestation this year to accelerate the growth of trees and raise their capacity of absorbing carbon dioxide and storing water.

Fruit trees include pine-nut tree, Evodia daniellii, black walnut, Korean pepper bush, chestnut tree, wild pear tree, wild vine, tara vine, Aronia melanocarpa and vitamin tree.

Poplar, larch, birch and black pine-Maengsan are included in wood plants.

Meanwhile, national-tree pine, "Kumya Black Pine", magnolia, Pyongyang maple tree and clammy locust are comprised in the ornamental trees.


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