Post date : 2020-05-18

Juche109(2020) / 5 / 18 /


Rodong Sinmun Calls for Transplanting Rice Seedlings at Right Time and in Proper Way


Rodong Sinmun on May 11 editorially calls for transplanting rice seedlings at the right time and in a proper way and thus making a breakthrough in attaining the grain goal for this year set forth by the Party.

The editorial says:

Success in the accomplishment of this year's target of grain production depends entirely on how we transplant rice seedlings.

By bringing about a new surge in agricultural production, we should defend the authority of the Party in every way and clearly show the world how socialist Korea meets the challenges and emerges victorious.

All the agricultural workers should fully display their patriotic devotion in transplantation of rice seedlings under the slogans "Let Us Defend Our Revolution with Rice!" and "Let Us Defend Socialism with Rice!"

The whole country should give manpower and material assistance to the countryside.

Emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels and the units concerned should ensure that no trivial deviations in anti-epidemic activities occur during the period of aiding the farms.

The editorial calls for transplanting rice seedlings at the right time and in a proper way so as to make a positive contribution to having a great bumper crop on the agricultural front, the major thrust area in this year's offensive for making a breakthrough head-on.


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