Post date : 2020-05-21

Juche109(2020) / 5 / 21 /


Newly-built Modern Tree Nurseries


In the DPRK, provincial, city and county tree nurseries have been built or reconstructed on a modern basis in recent two years.

Those land- and manpower-saving nurseries produce saplings twice in a year.

The Mundok County Forestry Management Station in South Phyongan Province built a sapling greenhouse with plastic sheets, where the sapling production is put on a scientific, industrial and intensive basis of higher level.

The Tanchon City Forestry Management Station in South Hamgyong Province has sharply increased the sapling production in its modern tree nursery.

The Kangdong County Forestry Management Station in Pyongyang City, too, newly built a mother tree nursery with a plan to turn all the mountains in the county into gold and treasure ones in the near future. Growing at this nursery are millions of saplings with high economic value like "Kumya Black Pine", Larix lepolepis, Pinus rigida, Pinus strobes, chestnut tree, tara vine and wild pear tree.

In order to raise the rate of rooting of saplings to 98 percent, its employees have strictly observed scientific and technological requirements in sapling cultivation.




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