Post date : 2022-05-11

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Rodong Sinmun Calls for Directing More Efforts to Ideological Work


Rodong Sinmun says in an article on Wednesday that it is necessary to stimulate the ideological front of the Party to bring about a radical change in the ideological work so as to accelerate the overall development of socialism by steadily bringing into full play the daily-growing revolutionary zeal of our people.

The article notes that the more reliable and dynamic the ideological front of the Party is, the more certainly and victoriously socialism advances.

It goes on:

It is the philosophical principle that if the ideological front of the Party is firm and vibrant, socialism can reliably be defended and a heyday of socialist construction ushered in, even though an unprecedented and serious climate is created.

Only when the ideological front of the Party in charge of promoting every change and development practically becomes vibrant, can the period of overall development of socialism be ushered in and a socialist prosperous with self-reliance be built on this land as soon as possible.

The might of the revolutionary ranks remaining absolutely faithful to the idea and leadership of the Party Central Committee is guaranteed by the level of information service to disseminate its idea all over the country.

Our Party unrolled a giant blueprint for building a powerful socialist country in the near future where all the people will lead a wealthy and civilized life by making a great leap with five years as a cycle.

Success or failure in implementing the important decisions of the Party congress and the Party Central Committee depends on how the popular masses are mobilized.

It is the most important task for the ideological front of the Party to direct the inexhaustible might of the masses only to the implementation of the Party's policies.

The article appeals to all officials to direct their overall work to contributing to making ideological revolution and applying the ideology-first principle, holding aloft the Juche-oriented theory of giving priority to ideology and thus fulfill their sacred mission and duty before the times and history in winning a fresh victory of our own style of socialism.


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