Post date : 2022-06-23

Juche111(2022) / 6 / 23 /


Coal Production Increased in DPRK​


Officials and workers of the Jenam Coal Mine of the DPRK have made achievements in the production of coal for thermal power plants every day even in the maximum emergency anti-epidemic situation, true to the decisions made at the 5th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Party Central Committee.

The coal mine organizes a socialist emulation drive methodologically while conducting an efficient review and evaluation so that all units fulfill their production plans without fail.

It makes a substantial progress in the coal production by pushing ahead with the work for boosting the organic connection among units and production processes and making them share achievements and experience and amplifying them.

It increased the tunneling speed by 1.2 times by giving precedence to supply of equipment and materials and positively introducing efficient blasting methods.

Tunneling workers, coal miners and carriers have increased the production while boosting cooperation among shifts and ensuring the full operation of equipment.


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