Post date : 2022-09-23

Juche111(2022) / 9 / 23 /


National Heritage Conservation Work Brisk in DPRK​


The work for protecting national heritages from natural disasters has been conducted in the DPRK as the all-people patriotic undertaking.

The national heritage conservation sector makes it a fait accompli that the disastrous abnormal weather hits the country and takes thorough measures to prevent damage based on grasping all elements to be hit by natural disasters.

Pyongyang City pushed forward with the roof repair, masonry and arrangements of waterway of cultural heritages including the Ryongwang Pavilion, the Kwangbop Temple, the Popun Temple, Ryonggok School and the Pothong Gate and takes measures for preventing the damage by flood and rainstorm.

Officials and working people in South Hwanghae Province concentrate their efforts on digging ditches and clearing out underdrain and water pipes around cultural heritage buildings such as the Woljong Temple in Anak County.

The same is true of North Hwanghae, North Phyongan and Kangwon provinces and Kaesong City.


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