Post date : 2022-11-24

Juche111(2022) / 11 / 24 /


Aesthetic Symposium in Field of Land and Environment Protection​


The Autumn Aesthetic Symposium in Field of Land and Environment Protection-2022 took place at the People's Palace of Culture in the DPRK on November 17 and 18.

The symposium under the theme of "Construction of socialist power and land management" was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the publication of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un's work "On Effecting a Drastic Turn in Land Management to Meet the Requirements for Building a Thriving Socialist Nation".

Present there were Kim Song Jun, minister of Land and Environment Protection, and officials, scientists, teachers and technicians in the fields of land and environment protection, city management, design, industrial art and education and other relevant sectors.

The symposium showed a multi-media program dealing with successes and experience achieved in land management over the past decade.

The speakers analyzed and reviewed the successes, experience and shortcomings made in conducting the land management to meet the requirements for building a powerful socialist country, the actual conditions of the country and the thoughts, feelings and aspirations of the Korean people.

They noted that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un has energetically led the work to turn the country into a paradise befitting the appearance of civilized and prosperous socialist Korea where the happy life of posterity is guaranteed by thoroughly applying the Juche-oriented aesthetic idea of the Workers' Party of Korea to land development and management.

They expressed their determination to fulfill their responsibility and duty in correctly applying the Party's policy on land management and Juche-oriented aesthetic idea to the afforestation and the designs of road and embankment.



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