Post date : 2023-05-26

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DPRK Succeeds in Producing High-Grade Magnesia Clinker with Its Own Fuel​


Officials and workers at the Taehung Youth Hero Mine in the DPRK have established a new production system which is of great significance in developing the country's fireproof-material industry.

They built a line for producing high-grade magnesia clinker through their own efforts and technology, thus providing a guarantee for different economic sectors to increase their output and making it possible to accelerate the comprehensive development of the national economy.

The demand for the said magnesia clinker is on the rise as all its quality indexes conform to the world's standards.

According to some units in the metallurgical and cement industries which have introduced the material, the life spans of new steel furnaces and kilns were much longer than the past ones'.

The officials and workers at the mine rejected the notion that it is impossible to produce high-grade magnesia clinker with domestically available fuel, and paved a new path for developing the fireproof-material industry. This typically shows their strong faith and will to implement the Party's line of putting production on a Juche basis. And this is a demonstration of the country's potentialities for sci-tech and economic development.


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