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Medicine of Koguryo Kingdom


The Korean nation has developed medical science from olden times.

Its medicine was rapidly developed in the period of Koguryo Kingdom (B.C. 277-A.D. 668).

What was noticeable at that time was the application of acupuncture by thin needles made of metal such as gold, silver, copper and iron.

Insam (ginseng) was discovered for the first time in the world and used as a medicine, together with botanical, animal and mineral medicinal materials like wild ginger, large centipede and bezoar. And kelp was used in the treatment of thyroid gland.

An old medical book "Chongumyobang" says that Koguryo people would use pills made with 20-odd kinds of medicinal materials, including rhubarb, croton, insam and honey, in curing chronic gastritis and stomach ulcer.

Meanwhile, doctors of Koguryo Kingdom were invited to other countries for their high diagnostic techniques.

According to an old history book of Japan, Koguryo's doctor called Tokrae was invited to Japan to disseminate the medical science and technology and his descendants, too, contributed to the development of Japan's medical science.

"Uibangryuchwi", the world's first medical encyclopedia published in 1445, is based on Koguryo's achievements in medical science.



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