게시날자 : 2019-11-05

주체108(2019)년 11월 5일 [기사]


Mausoleum of King Tangun Draws Many People


A million and hundreds of thousands of people have visited the Mausoleum of King Tangun for the past 25 years since it was rebuilt.

The visitors keenly felt that Tangun once known as a mythical being and a character of a legendary story and the history of Ancient Korea (early 30th century B.C.-108 B.C.) is shining as a pride of the Korean nation in the world thanks to the peerlessly great men.

Before the Monument to the Reconstructed Mausoleum of King Tangun the visitors recollected the lives of the peerlessly great men who saw to it that the history of the Korean nation was set right from the Juche-based stand and glorified Pyongyang as the sacred place of the nation and our country as the state with the history spanning 5 000 years, both in name and in reality, all over the world.

They realized the solemnity and grandeur of the mausoleum from its highest skill of architectural engineering evidenced in all the sculptures like carved statues of Tangun's sons and vassals, stone sculptures depicting Korean tiger and towers depicting pipha-shaped dagger, typical weapon in the period of Ancient Korea.

A lot of south Koreans and overseas compatriots also visited the mausoleum and expressed their pride as being members of the Korean nation, a nation with a precious national treasure which clearly shows the origin of the Korean nation's homogeneous bloodline and encourages all the fellow countrymen to the great national unity.







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