기사게시날자 : 2017-07-01

주체106(2017)년 7월 1일 [기사]

Koryo Songgyungwan University


The Koryo Songgyungwan University is a university of light industry, a successor to the Songgyungwan Academy, the highest educational institute of the Koryo dynasty. The Songgyungwan Academy had long remained worthless until it was restored to catch up on its time-honored history thanks to President Kim Il Sung.

In 1992 the President visited it and said that it was meaningless to use the academy as the Koryo Museum—it was actually a museum at that time—and tell visiting foreigners and overseas Koreans that it was the building of the highest educational institute of the Koryo dynasty. He advised officials to restore it into a university named Koryo Songgyungwan University and show that Korea has a university which is the successor to Koryo’s Songgyungwan Academy. And he said that the university should train experts in Koryo celadon, Koryo insam and Koryo textile—that was an indication of the direction and way to be followed by the university.

Since then the university has conducted the energetic educational and research work to rear a lot of competent technical personnel in light industry, true to the noble intention of the President’s love for the country. It has developed a number of new subjects and compiled hundreds of reference books to improve the quality of education constantly. A new kind of glaze was newly developed which is highly resistant to weathering, and a completed theoretical system was established to put insam cultivation on a scientific and industrial basis. The teachers and students have received hundreds and scores of certificates of invention, certificates of registered new technology and certificates of contrivance over the past decade. All these achievements are inconceivable apart from the fervent zeal of the teachers and students who are always fully aware of their duty and determined to add luster to the good qualities of the nation.

The faculties of Koryo insam, Koryo embroidery and Koryo ceramics are leaders of the effort to develop new subjects and make a lot of successful researches of practical value. The teachers of the Koryo insam faculty made a new subject on application of cutting-edge biotechnological methods in insam cultivation in view of the global trend, and set up specific courses for practical instruction of the subject. Not long ago they newly developed a compound microorganic material for insam cultivation, which can remarkably raise the yield of insam.

The Koryo embroidery faculty has raised the scientific level of theories on the traditional craftwork based on the use of feather, paper, bamboo, etc. and created new forms of craftwork such as wooden mosaic relief.

The faculty has concentrated the instruction and research on the effort to enhance the scientific level of the craftwork onto a higher stage and develop craftwork materials of higher quality easier to handle from domestic raw materials. As a result, it has recently laid a solid foundation for home production of all kinds of materials needed for the clay work.

The administrators and students of the university are devoting all their wisdom and zeal to make a new phase of the development of traditional light industry technology in keeping with the developing reality.


 A panoramic view of the Songgyungwan Academy

A panoramic view of the Koryo Songgyungwan University

A signboard of the President's autograph