기사게시날자 : 2018-02-08

주체107(2018)년 2월 8일 [기사]

Event of 70 Years Ago


February 8, 1948 is a historic day of epochal significance in the building of armed forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. On the day the Korean People’s revolutionary Army (KPRA) was developed into regular revolutionary armed forces.

When Korea was liberated from the Japanese imperialists’ military occupation on August 15, 1945, Kim Il Sung put forward the building of regular revolutionary armed forces as one of the three major tasks related to the building a new Korea—the other two tasks were the building of the Party and that of the State.

At that time Korea had no experience in building a regular army and lacked commanding officers prepared in the aspect of military technique. Though the country was liberated, they had only empty banks and their economic foundation was as good as nothing owing to the Japanese imperialists’ cruel colonial rule. Worse still, some quarrelers opposed the building of regular revolutionary armed forces while placing their hope on a foreign country.

Kim Il Sung, however, pushed forward with the building of a genuine people’s army on the basis of his rich experience in founding the KPRA during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

He made public such works as On Establishing the Pyongyang Institute, Let Us Create the Air Force of the New Korea, For the Building of a Revolutionary Army, Immediate Tasks of the Security Officers Training Center and Let Us Found a True People's Army, a Modern Regular Army, clearly illuminating the character and mission of a revolutionary army and the ways and means of building a regular army, an important index of a sovereign and independent state.

In November 1945, a few months after national liberation, Kim Il Sung set a place where a military and political officers training center would be built and named it Pyongyang Institute. Then he saw to it that the Central Security Cadre School and the Security Cadres Training Center were established and that the veterans of the anti-Japanese armed struggle were dispatched to play a leading role in organizing model units of different services and arms.

He often visited the schools and training centers, warmly took care of the students in their study and life, and paid deep attention to their military education and field training while giving lectures to them.

Thanks to his wise leadership, regular core units were founded and the material and technical foundation for the building of services and arms was laid in two years and a half after the liberation of the country.

On February 8, 1948, a military parade took place in the capital city of Pyongyang. At the ceremony, Kim Il Sung made a speech to proclaim the founding of the regular revolutionary armed forces.

The birth of the regular revolutionary armed forces was really a great political event that added to the national pride and delight of the Korean people who turned out to create a new life with a great joy at their liberation.

The foundation of the KPA made it possible for the Korean people to smash the maneuvers of the US imperialists and internal and external reactionaries at every step and vigorously push forward with the work for national reunification and the prosperity of the country.

The KPA strengthened and developed into an invincible regular army under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The KPA is now at its best as it had Kim Jong Un as its Supreme Commander. Under the energetic guidance of the Supreme Leader who frequently visits air, land and naval units, including those on the front line, and training fields, a turning point has come in the KPA’s political and ideological work and preparation for fighting and its exhaustible might had been further consolidated.

February 8 will go down forever in the laudable history of the heroic KPA.