기사게시날자 : 2018-07-11

주체107(2018)년 7월 11일 [기사]

Great Devotion to Agricultural Development


With the approach of the anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's demise, the people in the DPRK are recollecting with deep emotion the great devotion made by the President for the agricultural development of the country in his lifetime.

Since the early period of the country's liberation from Japan's colonial rule, Kim Il Sung had given ceaseless field guidance to rural areas to settle the food problem for the people.

He visited the western coastal rural areas of the country over a hundred times, and personally chose the location for a reservoir in the middle of a sleety night, holding a torch in his hand, to solve the water problem for a farm on the outskirts of Pyongyang.

One day in June Juche 83 (1994), the last year of his life, he went round a experimental vegetable plot at a farm in Taesong District, Pyongyang for a long time, despite of sultry weather and gave detailed instructions on the issues ranging from the application of right fertilizer on right vegetable to the method for increasing fruit yield.

Indeed, every cooperative field across the country is closely associated with the indelible traces of the President who had been always on the road of field guidance to rural areas even on his birthday and holidays.

Therefore, the agricultural workers in the country are striving to bring in rich harvest this year, cherishing deep in their minds the eternal image of the President.