기사게시날자 : 2018-12-05

주체107(2018)년 12월 5일 [기사]

Bright Future


The Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un placed young people in the vanguard of the ranks of the general onward march as masters of the times. Thinking of his trust in them, they are developing into creators of miracles and heroes in building a thriving nation. They do not hesitate to give up their lives for the development of the country and the prosperity of posterity. This can be proved by what happened during the construction of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station up the Sodu River in Paegam County, Ryanggang Province.

The construction of the power station consisting of three power plants was a difficult and enormous project to be done in the most unfavorable natural, geological and climatic conditions in the history of hydroelectric power station projects.

The young builders engaged in the project unsparingly devoted the strength and passion of their precious youth in the deep, rugged mountain valleys.

During the period of the project the Supreme Leader visited the construction site time and again to encourage the young builders.

On his first visit to the site in April 2015, he highly appreciated what they had done, and said he felt as if he had won the world. Out of his great trust in young people he went on to say that the country is, both in name and in reality, a youth power as it has millions of young people educated and trained under the care of the great leaders (President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il) and infinitely faithful to the cause of the Party.

Later they completed within 120-odd days an amount of work equal to what they had done in the previous years by working day and night, and thus built the dam for power station No.1.

On October 3 there was a grand ceremony for the completion of the power station in the presence of the Supreme Leader.

Encouraged by his trust and care the young builders completed within the following six months power station No. 3, the downstream project of the aforesaid dam and the renovation of the Paektu Youth Recuperation Home.

Young people also took the lead in the struggle to carry out the Party’s plan of laying a new railway and building fish farms, stockbreeding farms and other monumental structures for the sake of the people. As a result there appeared Changjon Street, Rungna People’s Pleasure Ground, Munsu Water Park, Mirim Riding Club, Masikryong Ski Resort, Mirae Scientists Street, Ryomyong Street and other monuments including those with the word youth in their names such as Kanggye Youth Power Station, Youth Hero Road and Kaeson Youth Amusement Park.

Young scientists fully displayed their wisdom and knowledge in launching artificial earth satellites, and making the machine-building industry CNC-based, resulting in a nationwide campaign to go beyond the cutting edge.

True to the Party’s plan of building a sports power, young sportspersons demonstrated the mettle of the country and the nation in international competitions.

Young soldiers are not only safeguarding their posts but also volunteering to do good things for the people under the slogan “Let us take upon ourselves both national defense and socialist construction!”

Young people of the country are constantly striving to bring earlier the bright future while displaying the nation’s prestige as a youth power, following the course of the Korean revolution indicated by the Supreme Leader.