게시날자 : 2019-06-06

주체108(2019)년 6월 6일 [일화]


Special Party for “Kings”


On the morning of June 2, 2014 senior officials of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the State were standing in the front of the Pyongyang Orphanage waiting for the staff to come to work. Now they told the following story.

Toward the evening of June 1 Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the orphanage in celebration of International Children’s Day. Smiling broadly, he said that he was there to see the orphans, and that he knew he had to go nowhere but the orphanage on the children’s holiday. He enjoyed himself among the innocent children for awhile, when some officials told him it was time to leave. He then asked the headmaster of the orphanage when the children were going to have dinner. Hearing they were to have dinner at seven, he then headed for the dining room saying he wanted to see the children have dinner even though it would take some time. He saw the menu for the June 1 holiday and taught how to make foods to the children’s liking. Then he said that he would send some cooks to the orphanage the next day to make pheasant meatballs for the children. Leaving the orphanage, he said to the headmaster that he hoped the orphanage staff would perform their duty faithfully and thus support from generation to generation politics of love for the children and love for the future administered by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who had treated the children as king of the country and looked after them well throughout their life.

That evening and the next morning he made detailed arrangements to give the orphans a special party, and asked the senior Party and State officials to visit the orphanage and make the children happy. That was how a special party was given in the orphanage on June 2. There were pheasant meatballs, honeyed glutinous rice cake and fried rainbow trout, etc. on the table. Seated together with the children at table, the officials poured soda and juice for the children. The children were excited while the officials were smiling at their happiness.




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