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주체108(2019)년 6월 6일 [기사]


Ready Always


June 6 is the anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union. In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea eight- and nine-aged children join the KCU. On the day of admission they put on a red necktie, and they shout “Ready Always!” in response to the call of “Always be ready for our socialist country!” The reply is a manifestation of their unanimous determination to prepare themselves fully as dependable reserves representing the future of their socialist country. Through the organizational life in the union they understand the value of their parents and brothers and their home and grow up as true and proud persons who will work faithfully for the sake of the country and the people.

The Children’s Corps was a children’s political organization formed in many rural areas and guerrilla bases during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle led by President Kim Il Sung in last century. It involved bereaved children of revolutionary martyrs and sons and daughters of workers and peasants aging between 8 and 15 who loved their country, had a strong hatred for the enemy and were determined to fight bravely against the enemy. The members of the Children’s Corps waged a devoted struggle for national liberation in support of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, holding high a revolutionary banner of “Let us always be ready for independence of Korea and liberation of the world proletariat!”

On June 6, 1946 Kim Il Sung attended a joint meeting of children’s organizations in Pyongyang held to form the Korean Children’s Union. At the meeting he wished the children grow up healthily as treasure and master of a new Korea and work hard at their studies to be heroes in establishing a new democratic Korea. He suggested the slogan “Always learn and be ready for a new democratic Korea!” In his congratulatory message addressed to members of the Korean Children’s Union on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its foundation on June 6, 1971, he concluded his message by “Always be ready to be reserves of communist builders!”

Chairman Kim Jong Il took a tender care of the children even in the hard time of the Arduous March and the forced march, true to the intention of the President who had called them king of the country and looked after them warmly. A lot of legendary tales have come, including the anecdotes about soya milk vans and a verse of a song reading The General to the front and the children to a camp.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said that to the Workers’ Party of Korea and the country, the dear KCU members are treasures more valuable than billions of tons of gold and represent the hope and future of Korea. He takes all necessary measures to bring them up as pillars supporting a prosperous future of Korea.

The schoolchildren are growing healthily as genuine KCU members, just as sunflowers turn towards the sun, true to the ideology and intention of the President, the Chairman and the Supreme Leader. At schools, schoolchildren’s palaces, camps and other education facilities built up under the scrupulous concern of the leaders, they are learning to their heart’s content and training themselves physically and spiritually to become staunch, full masters of the future.

They are working hard with an ambition and zeal to become masters of a sci-tech power. They try hard to be model KCU members who love their organizations, the collective and fellows, respect their teachers and elders, always act politely with beautiful moral qualities, take an active part in sports and socio-political activities, treasure their hometown, every single blade of grass and every single tree in their country, and do good things for the sake of society and the collective, the country and the people.

All the KCU members cherish deep in their heart what Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said:

KCU members should always remember the great trust in and care for them shown by the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and, just as sunflowers turn towards the sun, make positive efforts to learn from the glorious childhood of the Generalissimos. You should steadfastly carry on the line of the revolution, flying the flags bearing the immortal smiling images of the Generalissimos in front of the KCU flag.”

Under the blessings of the Supreme Leader the schoolchildren are nurturing great dreams.




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