기사게시날자 : 2017-11-11

주체106(2017)년 11월 11일 [기사]

Kumnung Sports Center


Kumnung Sports Center which is housed in a two-storied building started operation only three years ago. It has earned fame quickly, and now it is crowded with a lot of people as the center is equipped with different facilities good for improving health and relieving people from fatigue. Especially, table-tennis, aerobics, squash and gym are the most popular.

Kim Jin Hyok, teacher of Pyongyang Middle School No. 1, after winning single table tennis game with his merit of cut and backhand shot, said, “it is an old story that I had too little time to do exercises since I am a teacher. I come here every Sunday. I think I’m attaining not only table tennis techniques but also a great asset for education of younger generations”.

The aerobics room with combination of restrained and swinging music echoed is spectacular. It is intended for women in general. A lot of women are absorbed in improving their waist and leg muscles, oblivious of the passage of time.

Jang Kum Ju, service worker who learned aerobics at the Korea University of Physical Education, said, “Clients say pleasantly that they feel very refreshed after receiving kind services from workers with ample knowledge and experience in the field. Their words renew my sense of duty—I know I bear an important task”.

She added that not only women scientists and teachers but also women officials take their pleasure in the center and that she would redouble her efforts to train her clients scientifically in accord with their different ages and constitutions.

The most attractive is the gym with hand apparatuses. The room is filled with a dozen kinds of equipment in more than 20 units, including leg press, chest press, shoulder press and mechanism treadmill.

Clients build their bodies as well as conduct physical training of their body parts—arms, legs and abdomens—keeping step with Kim Yon Hui, a service worker.

The center is also furnished with a bathhouse, a swimming pool, a shooting gallery and a restaurant.

Ri So Hyang, a service worker, said, “A flower in a rich ground has greater fragrance. Seeing our clients full of enthusiasm and animation, we are determined to work harder for our service”.