게시날자 : 2018-07-09

주체107(2018)년 7월 9일 [기사]

Moran Hill, People’s Cultural Recreation Area


Moran Hill on the banks of the Taedong River meandering through the capital city of Pyongyang is shaped like a peony blossom. Hence it is named as Moran (peony) Hill.

The scenery of hill is always conspicuous as there are several peaks and valleys and the Taedong River meanders round the Chongnyu Cliffs in the east.

In particular, enjoying the spring on Ulmil Pavilion and viewing the first full moon on Pubyok Pavilion have been included in the eight famous views of Pyongyang since olden times for their spectacular scenery.

The inner and outer castles on the hill showcase the architecture in the period of Koguryo which existed between 277 BC and AD 668. The hill is also blessed with historical remains showing long history and brilliant culture of the Korean people, namely Ulmil, Choesung, Chongnyu and Pubyok pavilions and Chilsong, Jongum, Hyonmu and Tongam gates. They add beauty to the landscape of the hill as a scenic attraction.

It is now winning fame as it has been spruced up into a cultural recreation place that gives pleasure to the people.

Pavilions have been set up in many places in harmony with old structures, and small animal houses and artificial falls built to give unusual feelings to visitors.

The Moranbong Theater and Kim Il Sung Stadium in green foliage and the Amusement Park of Kaeson Youth Park which is brilliantly illuminated at night are always packed with working people, youth and schoolchildren.

Dancing sessions, floral coaches carrying newlyweds and cameramen taking pictures of all these scenes are another sight of the hill.

People spend a good time at the Moran Restaurant, soft drink stand and other service facilities built to blend in well with natural scenery, while drinking fresh Taedonggang beer and cooling beverages.

The people’s joy is overflowing everywhere on the hill with beautiful landscape.







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