기사게시날자 : 2019-03-13

주체108(2019)년 3월 13일 [기사]

Homemade Hosiery Win Favor of People in DPRK


Products of the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory are winning favor of citizens in the DPRK.

They were registered as "February 2 Goods" in the country for their quality.

The factory has made sustained efforts to develop functional hosiery good for health on the basis of scientific analysis into various fibers and medicines.

In recent years alone, it produced various kinds of functional hosiery including silk, nano-silver antibiotic and bamboo fiber socks and stockings.

Those products are in high demand as they help improve skin's function and nutrition and protect skin from harmful gas and ultraviolet rays.

According to its chief engineer Kim Mi Gyong, the goal of the factory is to produce more diversified hosiery of world level suited to the constitution, emotion and taste of the Korean people by introducing advanced sci-tech successes.