기사게시날자 : 2018-07-12

주체107(2018)년 7월 12일 [기사]

To Preserve National Soul and Flavor


The traditional Korean costume, which has developed for thousands of years, reflects the mild natural and climatic conditions, physical constitution of the Korean people, their liking for anything clear and elegant, and features of their life characterized by the engagement in agriculture and living in rooms with underfloor heating system.

The national costume production unit of the Korea Minye Corporation specializing in Korean costume has long been known to the locals for making fine traditional clothes by blending well the national form with modern aesthetic taste.

The production unit has preparation and production sections mostly staffed with women, who are playing the pacesetter’s role in highlighting and developing the noble and elegant features of traditional Korean clothes.

It focuses on giving full play to the freshness and beauty unique to traditional clothes while copying the natural color, size and shape as much as possible, from the selection of cloth colors to flower patterns in the making of men’s and women’s clothes including tangui (women’s formal dress), wedding dress, and casual, holiday and children’s clothes.

The unit encourages dressmakers to fully exhibit their creative wisdom. And it introduces machines and new materials into ensuring fineness of patterns and making products more presentable while using the old method of depicting patterns on chima and jogori (women’s skirt and jacket) only with brushes, to increase the speed of clothes making and improve the quality of products.

As all the employees direct a lot of time and energy to making even a line, a piece of embroidery and a trinket with good feminine sense and delicacy and enriching national costume in line with the requirements of the times, their products, especially chima and jogori, were highly appreciated at the national Korean costume show every year.

At the 15th national Korean costume show held last year the unit’s chima and jogori products won the first prizes, attracting particular attention of visitors. They include women’s formal dress tangui with an embroidery of the flower of sweet brier and fine curve, light green jacket with crimson skirt for young ladies fully representing the national form, purple jacket with embroidered apple flower and black skirt, an everyday dress for women.

“All the unit’s staff members will work hard to add more beauty to the fascinating charm and style of the national costume, full of pride in making traditional Korean costume that embodies national soul and flavor”, said Kim Hye Ok, head of the production unit.