기사게시날자 : 2018-12-04

주체107(2018)년 12월 4일 [기사]

To Landscape Streets


Among the people who are decorating the streets of Pyongyang with beautiful flowers are workers of the Pothonggang District Floricultural Farm.

They cultivate more than 50 000 flowering plants every year in several hothouses covering an area of hundreds of square meters, and plant the district’s streets and parks with the plants. The flowers they grow are French marigold, cockscomb, geranium and calendula and so on for flower beds and flowerpot stands. Their beauty and freshness heighten people’s pleasure, and they are in great demand at flower shops.

What is more beautiful than the flowers is the spiritual world of the workers at the farm who are raising the flowers. Through the study-while-working system, they gained rich knowledge of horticulture, which enables them to solve all technical problems arising in flower production by their own efforts.

This year harmful insects became brisk due to the consecutive sultry weather. So the workers developed new horticultural chemicals whose material is rice bran in a short period of ten odd days in cooperation with the scientists of a relative institution. They thus protected the flowers from the damage caused by harmful insects, and grew them well.

Several years ago, they developed a bio-fertilizer good for the growth of flowers by themselves.

It is their unanimous desire to further beautify the streets of the capital city that changes for the better day by day and give people greater pleasure.

Thanks to their tireless efforts and desire, there appeared a floating flower bed on the Pothong River, inspiring a new emotion in people. Most of them are women, so it was not easy for them to create the flower bed by their own efforts. And they had no duty to do it. However, they managed to do the project by pooling their efforts and wisdom.

Now they are expanding the flower bed, making it possible to improve the quality of the river water.

Thanks to such workers’ ardent desire and tireless efforts to be creators of beauty, not merely its enjoyers, but the city is growing beautiful.