기사게시날자 : 2018-12-31

주체107(2018)년 12월 31일 [기사]

People, Foundation of Socialist Law


Laws have originated and developed along with states. In Korea laws for the working people were established along with the foundation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (September 1948), and they have served as a powerful means to consolidate and develop the socialist system.

The socialist law of Korea was enacted absolutely on the basis of demand and interest of the popular masses. The people’s will and demand, and their aspiration and desire are considered first in making laws in the country.

Not only the Socialist Constitution but also sectional laws were established on the principle of prioritizing and respecting the people. When the laws were revised and supplemented or a new law was created as required by the times and the developing reality, all of them were done to fully favor the people’s interests.

Today the country established lots of laws that give top and absolute priority to the people’s interests and convenience. For this reason, the Korean people regard socialism as their lifeblood and life and are striving to glorify their socialist land and develop it into a prosperous socialist power as soon as possible. The socialist law of Korea practically provides the masses of working people with the right to independence. Only when the popular masses become masters of national sovereignty and the means of production and enjoy genuine freedom and right can they realize their socio-political independence.

In Korea all the people are fully provided with democratic freedom and right as masters of national sovereignty and the means of production. Thanks to the socialist law each citizen enjoys political rights and liberties such as the right to elect or to be elected, irrespective of sex, occupation, property status, the standards of education and differences in political view and religious belief, the freedom and speech, the press, assembly, association and demonstration and the right to submit complaints and petitions.

The working people are also provided with the right to get a job, the right to be rewarded in accordance with the quantity and quality of work done and the right to get free education and free medical care, and the freedom of research, literary and artistic activities. And the State legally takes responsible care of the people’s material and cultural life.

Ordinary people become deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly and any citizen is allowed to go to the polls. And free medical care and free education are invariably enforced at state expense however difficult the situation of the country may be. And all the people can learn to their heart’s content and take part in the mass sports activities and mass cultural and artistic activities to develop themselves into civilized persons.

The socialist law of the country is in the interest of the masses of the people, so it is abided by on the basis of the high level of voluntariness.

The Korean people keep a high spirit of law observance, well aware that the implementation of socialist laws is just the way to defend their interest and happiness as well as people-centered socialist system.

The State and social system of Korea is developing steadily into a genuine people’s one and the building of a powerful socialist country is going full steam ahead under the coordinated guidance of the State. This is just thanks to the powerful legal system of the State and the Korean people’s voluntary observance.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un put forward a line that the DPRK is a genuine people’s country and a law-governed country where law defends the people and the people obey the law, thus giving a new light to the popular character of the socialist law.

Under the wise leadership of the Supreme Leader who swore to become a true servant of the people who faithfully supports them with a pure conscience, Korea’s policy of giving precedence to the people is in full force.